UK Visa Lottery Form 2020 – Apply Now !!

Your United Kingdom Dream might be a reality if you are done reading down the page. Before you will apply or learn how to apply , you have to conclude the kind of Visa you are seeking for. UK Visa lottery form 2020 is here but you need to know the one you are into.

Please do not confuse yourself . The first thing to learn is the particular Visa that you are aspiring for. They have Student Visa , Tourism Visa , Business Visa , Visit Visa , Trip Visa , or whether you want to travel to another country through UK.

But in case you want to travel to another country through any UK Countries , please what is applicable is Transit Visa. It will help you to travel to any other country from UK so easily and fast.

We are also meant to know that Officials and some other Government Diplomats are given to government officials on any business. All these thing we said is highly necessary for anyone who plans to travel to England , Wales , Scotland or Northern Ireland .

These are the four countries that made up of UK . Then, UK Government has started issuing visa lottery for all Africans, European countries and more countries to come to their countries for expansion.

Do yourself good to follow up this step and guide in order to apply and get your own application form for UK Visa Lottery 2020. This is highly necessary for all interested persons.

See The List of UK Visa Lottery Requirements.

  1. Get original country passport. Which is effective for like 30 days or even 6 months of the time you want to stay in the country.
  2. Be specific of the visa you are hunting for.
  3. Get UK application form.
  4. Your own passport-sized photograph on a strong and nice white background or even get a specified photocopy of it.
  5. Prove of permission to reside in the UK.
  6. Make sure you are of good character. Get a confirmation letter from the government or your residing entity.
  7. A letter of invitation from either family, friends or sponsors with which you are traveling to meet.
  8. Issue bank statement for updated months.
  9. Birth and other certificate.
  10. Get attached copy of the letter of invitation for a any institution or conference with full information on the company’s which authorized representative like phone numbers, and some of the residential attachment for time of residing for the applicants on a business travel or even conference business applicants.
  11. Full utility bills
  12. Information of the travel , like booking/hotel.

How to Apply for UK Visa Lottery

  1. Go to
  2. Or you can as well go to the UK immigration visa official website to gettype of visa you are seeking for.
  3. Enter all your full details correctly in the empty spaces that is provided inside the block letters with valid email address.
  4. Am sure you will issued a GWF number that should be guided very well.
  5. Date for appointment will be given to you through email account, venue, and also applicable documents.
  6. Click on the submits. Am sure its done from this step and guide.

For more information’s or questions , use an empty box down the page for a quick reply from us. Thanks!

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